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Rogaine works for both men and women. Some people say Rogaine is more effective in women than in men. Women's Rogaine is the first and only FDA-approved treatment clinically proven to regrow hair in women. Women's Rogaine can help you and the more than 30 million other women like you who are experiencing hereditary hair thinning.

       In a clinical study, after 48 weeks of twice-daily treatment with Women's Rogaine, hair growth and scalp coverage were significantly better than with placebo. In fact, in another study, 60% of women experienced hair regrowth after only 32 weeks of treatment.

Clinical Results of Topical Minoxidil (Rogaine) in Women
In a 48-week study of over 300 women, researchers compared twice-daily application of 2% Rogaine with twice-daily application of a placebo (medication-free solution) in women with hereditary hair loss. The results showed that:
• 2% Rogaine effectively promoted hair regrowth
• Women in the study reported psychological and lifestyle benefits with Rogaine use
• Mild side effects such as scalp itching and irritation were reported in 6% of women using Women's Rogaine as well as those using the placebo

You can decide on if Rogaine women right for you by reading the paragraph below.

Is Women’s Rogaine Right for You?

The checklist below will help you determine if Rogaine women is right for you.

  • You describe your hair as fine or thin.

  • You’ve changed your hairstyle or cut your hair shorter because you are dissatisfied with the fullness of your hair.

  • Your ponytail is smaller than it used to be.

  • You notice more hair than usual in the shower drain, on your pillow, or in your hairbrush.

  • Members of your immediate or extended family, male or female, have experienced hair loss.

  • If you part your hair in the middle of your scalp, the width of the part shows more scalp than normal.

Sound familiar? If two or more of these statements are true for you, you may be experiencing hereditary hair loss. Women’s Rogaine may be right for you.

However, there are many conditions, diseases, and hair care practices that can result in excessive hair loss. If you have no family history of hair loss, your hair loss is sudden or patchy, your hair loss is associated with childbirth, or you do not know the reason for your hair loss, it’s important to talk to your doctor or dermatologist. While Women’s Rogaine may not be right for you, your healthcare professional may offer other options such as hair transplantation, wigs, or hair weaves.


Rogaine is in the FDA pregnancy category C. So, it is not known whether Rogaine will be harmful to an unborn to baby. Do not use Rogaine without first talking to your doctor if you are pregnant or could become pregnant during treatment. Minoxidil may affect a nursing baby. Do not use this medication without first talking to your doctor if you are breast-feeding a baby.



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